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©Joe Ramos 2013 All Rights Reserved

Most of the photographs in this portfolio were taken over a period of many years.  I started documenting my family members in the Salinas Valley, Mexico and the Philippines in the early 1970s.  I've photographed everything from passport and family portraits to weddings and funerals.  Every time I've traveled to visit relatives I've taken my camera along. 

I've also photographed extensively in San Francisco's Mission district where I worked in the early seventies.  I briefly worked with El Tecolote, a community newspaper and photographed many events in the Mission district.  My association with the Mission District's Galeria de la Raza allowed me to photographically document many of their events.  I also participated in several photographic and art exhibitions.

My documentary photography has chronicled generations of my family and aspects of Mexican and Filipino cultures. Having come from the cultures that I've documented gives my images a depth of understanding.  As a photographer it's difficult to be both subjective and objective when I photograph.  I attempt to show my personal connection to the people I photograph but also want the images to express universal emotions.

Included in this portfolio are several images that chronicle events in the Salinas Valley such as the California Rodeo events and the 1971 Lettuce Strike.

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